Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

A vacuum cleaner is an investment worth your effort to maintain and constant servicing in order to serve you much longer. It is both a house cleaning machine and part of your health equipment for the family. Proper and regular thorough vacuum cleaning will surely keep agents of allergy such as pollen, dust mite, mold spores and other debris at bay.

Regular servicing of your vacuum cleaning machine will keeps it working at maximum level with excellent results. Time is money and the effort you put for your house cleaning should be of benefit to your hygiene and health as well. It is advisable for the users to follow either a maual or the cleaning tips of a vacuum cleaner very carefully for maximum durability and better environment to breathe from. The following steps will be helpful.

Make sure that, for a vacuum bag, they are always less than half full. If the are full, the pores of the bag are blocked by various particles and any debris will not filter through. Such condition will prevent proper suctioning and the possibilities of motor damage are very high. Know more by visiting

More importantly, do not keep the motor working for long. Ensure the brush-roll heights are adjusted properly to march the carpet thickness. Any variation will definitely strain or drag the vacuum cleaner and make it hard to use the machine. Always stick to the designed use of the machine devoid of extra chores like children riding on the vacuum cleaner. Regularly remove damaged brush rolls and any other residuals.

Give proper attention to a vacuum cord. Always ensure that the cord is plugged to a closer power outlet in order to avoid straining and running the risks of yanking it away from the hook. It is advised against the use of power extension cords as they often overheat the motor and the electrical cords. You should not run the machine over the cord and especially do not lock them by the door or furniture’s because they can be damaged. Ensure the vacuum cleaner filter is kept unclogged with any dirt. Unclogged filter will not perform efficiently to remove dirt and could lead to burnout, strained suctioning capabilities and subsequent breaking down of motor.
Keep in mind that Proper maintenance will keep your machine running for along time at a maximum performance rate. Annually check your machine for the best results that will take care of your hygiene needs and your budget.

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